boring day

What a boring day …

Got up early, took a train into the city. Spent the train ride reading Crem’s paper over his (quite comfy) shoulder. Got off the train and took a ride on a rickety old CTA bus. Wandered around a very large complex of buildings on the UIC (University of Illinois Chicago) campus and spent almost too much time sitting in a very uncomfortable chair. After spending time sitting in a uncomfortable chair, I went, got 1/2 undressed, and sat in a small room.
Then, I rode an L train, had lunch in a Greek deli (with Crem) wandered about the city a bit more, and then rode another train out.
All in all it was quite expensive – $8.50 for the round trip train ticket, $4.00 for bus/L, about $10 for lunch, and $3 for coffee and $25 for the copay.
But — as the MasterCard commercial would say — peace of mind PRICELESS!!! I’ve been carrying around this stress since Sept. when I talked to my Midwife – it’s nice for it to be lifted. My shoulders feel about 1/2 as tense.
(And it’s nice to know that one part of my body is normal :} )
(Though I think the next time I get a hankering to have a lunch date with Crem — I’m going to plan for it to involve a LOT less travel, no copays, and no uncomfortable chairs.)

6 responses to “boring day

  1. I am so glad the day was boring, the films were normal, and you had a nice lunch with a friend. Next time? Drive in to the city. Less hassle.

  2. I’m so glad the news gave you peace of mind.

  3. I’m so happy that you had such a lovely boring day. 🙂 Keep up the boring!


  4. Thanks — is was nice to have boring news. alto2 I thought about driving (I do every time I go into the city) but most often I feel it’s less hassle to let someone else drive. For instance, next month I’m teaching a session in my adult Sunday School class, so I did some prep work. Also, I was concerned that I might not get boring news – and then I’d have to drive home under duress. (Of course, Crem *would* have driven me home if necessary – but best not to make it be necessary)

  5. I’m glad it was boring! I’m surprised my work internet connection let such a pornographic picture come through 🙂

  6. MLL, I’m so sorry that your employer was not able to protect you from my risque photographs.

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