Insanity IS hereditary

Insanity IS hereditary. I now have proof. Many people have told me that I’m nuts. I’ve even believed a few of them.
Well, I just found out that my sister is nuts. This coming Sunday she will be doing a race for the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. Great, wonderful, you go girl. It’s November and it’s Chicago so you’d think it might get cold but that’s NOT an issue with this race. Nope — it’s all indoors.
And straight UP to the top of the Sears tower. If you’ve ever been in Chicago, and looked UP at the Sears tower from street level, you know it’s quite tall, 103 stories, 2,109 steps.
At this time (more on that in another post within the next few days) we’re in no position to donate to any charitable organizations, however if you are so inclined [inclined — get it] …..
Personally, I think she’s nuts. But then she’s MY sister.
AND — this same weekend, if you feel like tossing some funds in another direction, my friend Christina from San Diego is doing the 3 day walk to support breast cancer.
(For some reason – to me it doesn’t seem near as crazy to walk 3 DAYS outdoors as it does to walk 103 stories)
Me, I’ll sit in my comfortable suburban home and cheer the ladies on. (Actually, I’ll probably also hit up prayer requests in Sunday School – so ladies you’ll at least have good thoughts and blister free wishes from me if not actual ca$h).

2 responses to “Insanity IS hereditary

  1. You’re right. She is nuts. A vertical challenge — where does she think she is, Denver?? I wish her well.

  2. hahahahaha!! I agree. Your sister is way more nuts than I am :-> Egad, I have indeed looked at the tower from below. (shudder)

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