By gum I think I’ve got it

MAJOR stress this week, Spouse is now between jobs. He formerly worked at Lucent Technologies, and they’ve been going through when the rest of the IT industry has been going through. Actually, moral has been dropping for the past few years, nobody knowing when or where the ax is going to fall next. Spouse seems rather happy – at least he doesn’t have to worry about when it’s going to hit again.

One thing I’ve often tried to focus on is the blessings in my life. Sometimes that doesn’t work so well, but then I try to realize that I really don’t have it so bad. One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how bad I have it, I don’t have to look far to find someone who is in a worse place. At least my kids are healthy (and energetic :} ). So while I’m certainly not happy, I’m at least not totally freaking out.

Okay, I have been expressing some concerns to my friend, Cush. But as I told him – if I start freaking out in front of Spouse or #1son or Princess it would just cause more stress around the family.


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