Maybe I shouldn’t listen to music when I’m in a depressed mood.

I’m sitting here listening to “true oldies.” And today there seem to be a lot of men crooning about the love of their lives.

Right now, the Temptations are singing about “my girl” (what, do they all share one girl???) A moment ago Bobby Vee was telling someone to “Take Good Care of my Baby” (HEY if you treated her right, you’d have gotten to keep her).

I don’t know whether it’s me or the type of people I’ve met or I’m attracted to – but I have NEVER met a man that came across even remotely as the type that was overflowing with romanticism.

Come to think of it though — of all the men I’ve known (ex and current spouse, guys I’ve dated, guy friends, brother and brother-in-laws) I’d probably be really freaked if any of them started crooning about love.

I think I’ll forget the Temptations and Bobby Vee and Barry Manilow and just listen to BTO — and get back to Takin’ Care of Business


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